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An old tyre shop in the centre of Lodi has been transformed into a fun, communal brewery and tavern. Starting from the Dance Fox at Downtown Lodi's, the establishment ambience slows down and changes from a relaxed atmosphere to lively and erratic when everyone finds their way there. It feels like you have landed in Europe, but the hospitality comes straight from Lododi. From the bar, it goes down the street, far from the beaten track and right into the heart of the city.

If you want to travel for a longer period, there is also the Lodi Transit Center, which offers access to AMTRAK. It is easy to rent a kayak here, go to Lake Lododi and search for the spring water boathouse. Whether you are looking for a short hike to the headwaters or a long hike back to your car, a guide can help you make the most of your visit to Lodi.

If you want to discover the wineries of Lodi, have a look at the wineries of Lodi Napa's top 10 wineries, which include the top 10 most popular wines in the state of California as well as a list of some of the best wines in the world. We will certainly return to the Hotel Wine & Roses when we go to Lododi in the future, so don't miss out!

We drove to Spokeasy Public House, a themed restaurant for good food and drinks, and Sequoia Brewing Company made a point of relaxing and sampling some of their beers. There is also a barbecue area called Stuck in Lodi, but the food is so good and they are pretty new, so give them a try!

Towne House offers a selection of over 70 wines from the Lodi area and is a good place to combine local wines with food. We have tasted a lot of grape varieties, but the winery is great if you also want to enjoy a relaxing experience on its various terraces. While we were in the city centre, we dipped into their tasting room to drink some light red wines and we sampled some of their beers. Guests can look forward to fine food accompanied by their wine, as well as some excellent food and drinks.

Do not forget to check out Lodi's innovative Lodi Rules programme and find out more about the wine tasting and tasting room.

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Thai Spices Restaurant has won the hearts of locals and tourists with its delicious food and wine tasting. Most tastings cost only $10 per person, but tasting fees are waived for bottle purchases or membership in wine clubs. The tasting is done with a small food combination that is intended to enhance the wine - tasting experiences. Visit our local events, including our weekly Wine & Food Festival and Wine Club Nightlife.

This winery is known for its highly regarded Zinfandels and Syrah of the Old Vine, but they have also started to produce white and red blends. Their wines are consistently good and there is nothing really wrong with any of their wines, so we will stay small and focus on just a few of the best. This wine is high on our list if you become a member of a Lodi wine club and has been considered the "best" of Lodi for years. The wine from Barbera is always a crowd puller - more pleasant and the red blend from Tievoli must not be missed (not to be missed!). This is a beautiful expression of this grape, with a rich, complex flavor profile and a great balance of earthy and jam - like notes.

There are a variety of festivals throughout the year, local wineries offer tastings, live music and local shops flock to the sidewalks with their wares and free tastings. There are many opportunities to open late at night and then attend a concert or sports match in the new downtown arena.

I love how it really feels like you're in the market for something that has become a winery tasting room. Originally located on the banks of the early 19th century, the tasting rooms include a beautifully restored 19th century salon bar serving wine in jugs. The walkable area is buzzing, so don't miss out on all the great food and drinks on offer in downtown Los Angeles.

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More About Lodi